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The basis of our philosophy is respect for all children. We demonstrate respect by involving children in basic care taking activities. Children are encouraged to make choices about interests and are informed about transitions. Children's feelings are valued and validated. Children are encouraged to communicate using words and participate in solutions to problems. We encourage and nurture each child to grow socially, emotionally, physically, creatively and cognitively. In this program, we know each child will gain self-confidence, self-respect, and respect for people and the environment. 

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Staff members are facilitators, helping each child gain self-esteem and confidence. We place high priority on curiosity, creativity, freedom of movement, and communication. A primary goal of our program is to sustain and enhance the play activity of our children. Our art and other activities are open-ended. We ask questions rather than impose our personal beliefs. We do not believe earlier is necessarily better. We do not push children to achieve developmental milestones or cognitive tasks for which they are not ready.


If you want your child to be social with other children, self-reliant and confident, and to cooperate in age-appropriate tasks, you will be satisfied with our approach and your child will benefit from our program.

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